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Behind ItsNotTrash

90% of everything I sell is recycled. Down to the screws that hold it all together and the paint or finish that makes it pretty. I find all this in alley’s here in Los Angeles. We live in a throw away society. I hear my friends and people in general say “It has a scratch I’ll just throw it away and get a new one.” “I’m moving and I just don’t have time i’ll put it on the corner or by the trash and get a new one at my new place.” We all spend so much time going to work to make $ to buy stuff and we already have to buy it again because we threw it out. I think it’s crazy but it’s also why I have a hobby I love. So thank you!!!

If you have something that is broken or damaged and you don’t want to be wasteful (we only have one planet) message me i’ll fix it or make it different and new and cool.


Marji Medina

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